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Orange brand today

For more than 20 years, Orange has been transforming and reinventing itself through new brands and services, ensuring it stays relevant for future generations. Since its creation in 1994, Orange has been pioneering in the way it has developed new communications services.

However, our philosophy has always remained the same: “It’s not the technology that matters, it’s what our customers can do with it.”

Finding our mission

In 2019, Orange became one of the first French companies to define its Purpose, which went on to be signed into the company’s bylaws. This guides everything we do: “As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world.”

Our purpose means that – across our business – we must guarantee that our technology is designed, available and used in a caring, more inclusive, and more sustainable way.

We are committed to strengthening the freedoms and security of people’s and companies’ digital lives.

Everywhere, and for everyone, we deploy innovative technologies and solutions, thanks to the commitment and expertise of our hardworking Orange community.

Thinking about the planet

We are committing to several milestones in 2025 to ensure we achieve net zero carbon by 2040. Already by 2025, we will have reduced our CO2 emissions by 30% compared to 2015 and renewable energies will represent more than 50% of our Group’s energy mix (compared to 18% today). Finally, 100% of Orange products, in particular our Livebox routers, will be eco-designed from start to finish.  

Beyond our actions to reduce CO2 emissions, Orange will invest in environmental solutions to offset our remaining CO2 (for example through sequestration or carbon sinks), as part of our determination to reduce our environmental footprint as much as we can, in whatever we do.

RE also stands for responsibility

When it comes to the environment, all of us have the power to make a difference, while helping customers to do the same by encouraging responsible uses.

As part of our RE program, we help customers :*

  • Recycle their electronic equipment (regardless of the brand and operator).

  • Repair their mobile devices in our stores.

  • Return their mobile phone in exchange for a discount voucher.

  • Refurbish old phones for resale online and in store.

This program offers lots of ways to make devices last longer or give them a second life, eliminating the trend to upgrade them every two years on average, while, in 88% of cases, they’re still in good working order.

As part of our tangible commitment to the future, we support increasing uses while encouraging the circular economy, by making recycling, trade-ins, or purchases of refurbished mobiles available to everyone. 

Together at Bridge

Bridge, Orange’s new head office, opened its doors in July 2021. This 56,000m² new building accommodates nearly 3,000 employees from corporate and operational functions.

The project started back in 2014, resulting in a workplace that promotes transformation, innovation, and employee well-being. Across its eight floors, Bridge reflects Orange’s desire to move towards a more horizontal and fluid organizational structure. The building was designed as a place of communication and teamwork around a 32-meter green atrium. It’s our collective home, open to all employees, to meet and collaborate in more or less formal spaces.

Diversify our activities

The diversification of Orange’s activities is based on two axes :

  • Creating new brands and structures : Orange Bank, GlobeCast, TowerCo, FiberCo, Orange Nature, and Orange Cyberdefense.

  • Partnerships and sponsorship : Canal +, Netflix, Disney +, Paramount +, Sports (League, XV men, FFF), E-sport (KC Rush Esport), and Deezer.


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