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Welcome to the Orange Brand Site

Since it first launched, our brand has remained relevant by developing new expertise and services. Much more than a telecommunications operator, we now play a role in sectors as broad as education, finance, cybersecurity, and connected devices, to help build a more responsible digital world.

This site helps you find all the brand basics you need such as our identity guidelines and assets including images, videos, presentations, and logos to use in your communications.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Orange brand basics


Always use original artwork.


White for print. Dark for digital.


To make our brand coherent and unique.

Brand voice

Simplify to the essential, always write with a smile.


Generic, descriptive or hero, respecting spelling rules.


Min. 80% core color; min. 30% orange; max. 20% supporting color.


Bold, direct, essential.


Natural and within listening distance.


Linked to our personality, always flat, bold and simple, never dull.


An interaction between the photo and the illustration to highlight the brand role.

Film and animation

Personalized and emotional demonstration.

Music and sound

One sonic logo and a coherent musical territory.

Icons and stickers

Black, white or orange; always use original artwork.


Download guidance, tools and assets at design.orange.com

Logos, templates and guidelines

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Group presentation - Orange 2023

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Date: 13/09/23 Type: Document Size: 136,5 Mo Format: PDF

Corporate presentation

Presentation Orange Group 2023 - PDF - EN

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